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"Highway Blues" ©1974-C.E.Newland - Acrylic - Private Collection "End of the Line" ©1974-C.E.Newland - Acrylic - Private Collection "Mother Earth Patrol" ©1980-C.E.Newland - Acrylic - Private Collection
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WebMuseum Bienvenhue
You can find most of the old masters on this site.

Foil Art DLights
Foil Art is art that reflects the light from many different
angles causing a 3d effect. We have a number of different categories
such as Fairies, Dragons, Unicorns and more.
Our prints are 6" x 8" and come matted which makes them 8" x 10".
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Oil Paintings. Oil Painting Reproductions
Handmade Oil Painting Reproductions on Canvas.
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Oil Painting Reproductions and Portraits
Passion For Paintings makes the most beautiful
hand painted oil painting reproductions
on canvas, and portrait paintings made from photos.
We have high quality paintings for a
very affordable price.

Fine Art Oil Painting Reproductions, Oil Portrait Paintings
MONTABLEAU Art Gallery offers prestigious fine art
oil painting reproductions of Masterpieces,
oil portrait paintings & wedding portraits,
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Music Posters
Biggest on-line music posters store of any styles and prices!

Art Gallery Limited - Limited Edition Art
Where Art Meets Opportunity.
Incredible selection and Rewards Program.
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Bird Art Prints and Animal Art Prints from Baby Bird Productions
Our bird art prints series includes common and exotic birds,
each with a color coordinated background or a deep blue night sky background.
We also have two animal art prints in black and white.
All art prints come framed and make unique gifts
for the animal and bird lovers in your life.

Van Gogh Studio - your museum quality art reproductions
Hand painted museum quality Vincent Van Gogh art reproductions. The best on the net!

Posters shop gallery
High quality posters.
Huge choice of posters in various themes:
music, movie, vintage posters and a lot more.
In our gallery you can find posters from all over the world

Oil Paintings Reproductions
Handmade on canvas,
from Dali, Monet, Van Gogh
and more than 300 other artists,
with frames to match.

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Oil Paintings Studio



America's Wholesale Oil Painting

America's Wholesale Oil Painting
- Offering world famous oil painting reproductions.
Thousands of genuine oil reproductions of masterpieces. Museum quality is guaranteed for all of our paintings. And we offer the lowest price on the internet for our genuine hand-painted oil paintings on canvas.



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Stay in touch Geetings Cards
Stay in touch Geetings Cards


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Charles E. Newland is an award winning artist
a member by invitation of the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylics since 1977
with paintings & digital images in public and private collections.


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