Painting: "Sixtieth " - ©-C.E.Newland - Private collection

Charles E. Newland (1934-2014) was a member by invitation of the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic, after winning two awards for his first two entries into their annual juried exhibition in New York City.
A museum director in Abilene Texas, scene of his first one-man show in 1975, liked to refer to Newland’s style as magic realism, though like most artists, the style he used for each painting depended wholly on his vision for the work.
The magic began with his hyper-realistic technique and his use of color and composition, very often combining real man-made objects in very unreal settings,but not always.
As you scroll through the paintings and his later digital images, Charles saw and painted his world, his family and his friends through his personal lens, unique to him, which was his definition of art for the ages.

Painting:"????" - ©19??-C.E.Newland - acrylic - private collection Painting:"Afternoon of the Gods" - ©1976-C.E.Newland - acrylic - private collection View from Yesterday Richfeild Abyss fireplug "Say A Prayer for The Sailor" - ©1989 - C.E.Newland, Acrylic on watercolor board Kilroy Painting:"Afloat" - ©1976-C.E.Newland - acrylic - private collection "Squaresville" - 1966 C.E.Newland - Oil on particle board "Wupatki Water Woman" - ©1986 C.E.Newland - Acrylic on stretched canvas "Signs of the Merchant Spirits"©1984 C.E.Newland, Acrylic on stretched canvas "End of the Line" ©1974-C.E.Newland - Acrylic - Private Collection "Mother Earth Patrol" ©1980-C.E.Newland - Acrylic - Private Collection Painting: "After Me - The Wind" - ©1981-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection Painting: "Night Stand" - ©1979-C.E.Newland - Acrylic - Private collection Ghost Town Bedroom - ©1979-C.E.Newland - Acrylic - Private collection Painting: "Fire Plug Again" ©1993-C.E.Newland - Acrylic - Private Collection Painting: "Rose.psd" - ©1997-C.E.Newland - Acrylic - Private Collection Painting: "Puzzle" - ©1982-C.E.Newland - Acrylic - Private Collection Painting: "Dancing to the Hours" - ©1980-C.E.Newland - Acrylic - Private collection Painting: "Tribute To Irene" - ©1979-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection - Award Winner Painting: "Early Morning Sun" - ©1979-C.E.Newland - Acrylic - Private Collection Painting: "Colorado Summer Song" - ©1981-C.E.Newland - Acrylic - Private Collection Painting: "Palm Sunday 1965" - 1966-C.E.Newland - oil on masonite - Private Collection: in 1965, on Palm Sunday, seven tornados in my area killed 125 people Painting: "Remembering" - ©1975-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection Painting: "Offering To The Winds" - ©1975-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection The Sentinel is an early oil painting that deals with relationships Kathy nude near Pinos Altos, NM Photorealism with just a tad of magic realism Looking from a house in Silver City, New Mexico through a nude to a lake in Colorado every picture tells a story, don't it? Painting:"Sixtieth Birthday"-©1995-C.E.Newland - acrylic on watercolor board - Private collection Painting:"Sunday Morning, Almost"-1969-C.E.Newland - oil on canvas - Private collection Painting:"Squaw Peak"-©1996 - acrylic on watercolor board - Private collection Painting: "Rhino" - ©1988-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection Painting: "High Noon" - ©1993-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection Painting: "Mogollon Morning" - ©1990-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private collection Painting: "Post Monster" - ©1980-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection My son's bike - painting is somewhere between magic realism and surrealism Mannequin in a museum setting with thoughts of Olympia from The Tales of Hoffman An original scene constructed from a combination of scenes from Rawhide, Arizona and a view from Pearce, Arizona Composition arrived at through a distortion in Adobe Photoshop then painted in Acrylic on Canvas Requiem for Ray Rada, a departed friend - Ray's cabin was in Mogollon, NM Painting: "I, Pagliacco" - ©1984-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection Painting: "The Retired Traveller" - ©1981-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection Painting: "Richfield" - ©1975-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Public Collection Painting:"Peter's Tree"-©1974-C.E.Newland - private collection Subtitled: Into-The-Out-Of...composition formed from the abstract to the realistic my son Peter at five on the trail to the Gila Cliff Dwellings in New Mexico I actually threw paint at a canvas and then rendered the resulting splashes to obtain some dimensionality The painting shows my daughter Anneliese as seen through a ruin in Clifton, Arizona In 1973 an Italian Movie company made a movie in Mogollon, NM...this building was a stage set I didn't even own a computer in 1990, I think I was working more toward pixel as in a TV picture Painting: "Reflecting" - ©1980-C.E.Newland - Private Collection Painting: "Mogollon Moonlight"- ©1979-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection Painting: "The Observer" -©1981-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection on past regrets and future fears Time, time, time... Grill of a Jeep in Silver City New Mexico - One can't drive without killing something A house and a car... My wife Sally...who makes it all possible Painting: "Mark" - ©1974-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection - Award Winner Painting: "Fencing The Raven" - ©1981-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection Painting: "The Superintendant's Outhouse" - ©1977-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection At 800x600 screen resolution, the enlargement of this painting is larger than life size on a 17"monitor Realistic rendition of a door from Mogollon, New Mexico infinity goes up on trial Painting: "The Polish Prince" ©1975-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection Painted in Silver City, New Mexico - Award Winner, NSPC&A Annual, 1977 A painting is a wall decoration Painting:"The Previous Knight - ©1975-C.E.Newland - acrylic - private collection Painting:"The Wall" - ©1981-C.E.Newland - acrylic - private collection Painting:"Stand-In"-©1980-C.E.Newland-Acrylic-Private Collection My son Peter, age 4, climbing up the side of the Coral Pink Dunes in Utah Nude and Raven in a scene from the Pinos Altos, New Mexico area Andre (The Hawk) Dawson at bat...the small touch of surrealism is the crowd in the background. Image from a photo taken by my mother when I was 18 Texas Street, Silver City NM Painting: "The Fitting" - ©1979-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection Painting:"Contemplation of a Blue Room" - ©1974-C.E.Newland - acrylic - private collection Painting:"Wupatki" - ©1997-C.E.Newland - casein - private collection Painting: Church of the Latter Day Iris-©1990-C.E.Newland - acrylic - Private Collection somewhat modified space shot as seen through a ruin in Clifton, Arizona22"x30" acrylic on stretched canvas A second-hand store rocker, painted red, prized by my wife. The painting title comes from the Tarot Card tacked to the wall...yes, the particular card used has some significance to me. Anneliese wading in the lake at Maroon Dells in Colorado as seen from a vacant house in Pearce AZ Composition and design from a thought on advertising ubiquity. Redman